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GSL alliance with CodersTrust

A new era has initiated for Grameen Solutions Ltd. (GSL) with collaboration with Denmark based Company CodersTrust.


GSL alliance with CodersTrust


The partnership was announced before Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group and Morten Lund, Co-investor of Skype, ZYB.


This auspicious event held in Copenhagen where over 500 Business leaders and entrepreneurs were present.


GSL's Managing Director, Aziz Ahmad and CodersTrust' CEO Ferdinand Kjærulff spoke before audiences about the significant of this join initiative.


CodersTrust is supported by Denmark's development cooperation, which aims to fight poverty in developing countries with economic growth. Enabling the private sector to create economic growth is one of the preconditions for effective poverty alleviation.


Ferdinand Kjærulff, CEO of CodersTrust said: "We are extremely honored to enter a partnership with Grameen Solutions on the journey of strengthening the Bangladeshi workforce. The partnership means that our goals will be reached in giving young IT coders with limited means better qualifications and access to the job market."


"With support and local guidance from Grameen Solutions we will select the best and brightest young people in emerging countries, including Bangladesh, finance them with micro-loans while they optimize their skills through on-line training programs thereby giving them access to more and better paid jobs." he added.


Partner and chairman of the board Morten Lund said: "Grameen Solutions is the strongest partner CodersTrust could get. At the same time, CodersTrust is the most promising project, I have ever been a part of. With support from Grameen Solutions we are developing a system, which activates young brilliant people, make them enter the global market and work locally from where they are - it is strategic upgrading of tomorrow`s technological labor force. The Joint Venture between Grameen Solutions and CodersTrust will take micro-loan into a new era."


Aziz Ahmad, Managing Director and CEO of Grameen Solutions said, "The strategic relationship between CodersTrust and Grameen Solutions is a very natural one, as our DNA uniquely focused on alleviation to poverty and removing barriers for young generation to grow as independent and raise productivity with significant wage increase."


"Both of our organizations' cultures are continuously improving; and I believe we will accelerate to do so with the combination of our strength," he also said.


Grameen Solutions Limited (GSL) is the flagship technology company of Grameen family of organizations founded in 1999 by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, The founder of Grameen Bank and recipient of 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.


"Grameen Solutions" literally means solutions for the villages. GSL offers Software Solutions, Cloud Services Solutions, Mobile Applications, and Analytic Solutions at competitive pricing. Since its inception, GSL has taken several pragmatic steps to attract global technology companies, create technology based solutions and opportunities, and increase overall digital inclusion in the country.


Its goal is to ensure Emerging Technologies gives the ultimate power of Economic development, thus empowerment in the hands of people through emerging Technology, bringing in positive growth to Country's GDP. For more information.


CodersTrust is an investment platform, funding tech-based education in emerging markets. Its business idea is essentially very simple: one of the biggest barriers to technology-based economic development in developing countries is the relatively high cost of - generally poor quality - of appropriate education and particularly access for "base of the pyramid" to education and jobs within the tech-based economy. For more information, please visit : http://www.coderstrust.com