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Intel Vice President Visits Bangladesh

Intel's Vice President of Sales and Marketing & World Ahead Program General Manager John E Davies recently visited Bangladesh with the vision to expedite the implementation of the World Ahead Program in this country.

On this occasion Intel Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on March 22 with the education ministry to supply 1,000 personal computers to schools in the country's 64 districts as part of its plan to integrate ICT into traditional educational system in Bangladesh.

During his visit at Grameen Communications telecenter in Mirjapur, Davies stated that the high price of bandwidth hindered the proliferation of internet based services across the country. He also stated, “In order to face this challenge Intel is considering other options to provide education contents in the most cost effective way.”

Davies revealed Intel’s plan to introduce low cost computers for the rural students. He said, “Intel has already developed low power computer processors which helped manufacturing of the second generation $250 shock-proof and spill-proof Classmate PC for the students. The price tag is half of that of notebook computers.” He also said the third generation processor "Atom" for Classmate PCs will be available from July this year and it will make these computers more powerful and cost efficient.

Regarding local content development Davies said Intel is seeking partners to translate its education materials in Bangla. According to Davies, in the last four years, Intel has given 40 million computers to different countries under the World Ahead Programme and trained five million teachers.