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The World Welcomes Grameen America Website

GrameenAmerica.com was launched on the 24th of April as an online information hub for anyone who would like to know about Grameen America’s activities. Grameen America is a microcredit lender in America whose mission is to help entrepreneurial individuals, especially women, build credit and defeat poverty. Grameen America is built upon the success of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.


According to US Census figures, some 36 million people lived in poverty in the United States in 2005. Among these poor persons, 8.7 million were first-generation immigrants and their family members. At a macro level, 20.4 million of the nation’s 36 million poor are women and 13 million of these women are in what the US Census Bureau has accepted as “deep poverty.” Of that number, 9.8 million are single mothers who are by far the poorest group with 38 percent living below the poverty line. By contrast, only 11 percent of all Americans live below the poverty threshold.

The need for accessible microfinance in America is great. Despite being the world’s richest country, around 28 million people in the US are unbanked and nearly 45 million have only limited access to financial institutions. Grameen America was created so that people with limited or no access to credit can use entrepreneurship and self-employment, proven means in the United Sates. Grameen America provides banking for the unbanked.

Grameen Solutions is proud to develop Grameen America web portal. From now on, all the stakeholders of GA will have access to this institution through the click of mouse. It’s a happy moment here to announce here this global presentation of Grameen America has been accomplished by some talented professionals from GSL.

To learn more about Grameen America, please visit: www.grameenamerica.com