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Customer Overview
Name: Vonair, Inc.
Country: USA
Industry: Telecom, VOIP
Vonair, Inc., provides multimedia communication software for Voice over IP (VoIP), Video, and Data over wireless (wi-fi & cellular) and wire-line infrastructure. Vonair’s multi-modal client software facilitate convergence of enhanced voice and multimedia applications independent of location.

Vonair is focused on providing Carrier Grade Voice Video enabled products tailored to Service Providers (targeting business and residential customers) and Large Enterprises. The products provided full branding and customization via a deployment framework to ease the provisioning and turn up of end users.

Project: Research and prototyping of a voice/video softphone for Windows Mobile.


Vonair Communicator is a full-fledged audio and video SIP softphone for Windows Mobile.

One of the challenges in this project was to maintain future cross-platform compatibility (Palm OS was targeted as the next platform), J2ME was used in the application layer. Unfortunately, the J2ME platform did not have a complete audio API required for an advanced softphone.

To address this, Grameen ported Sun’s Java Sound API originally written for Windows XP to Windows Mobile. This was technically difficult since there were lot of device level and performance issues that required innovative solutions.

Another obvious challenge was to accommodate simultaneous capture and playing of both audio and video within a very limited processing power of mainstream Pocket PCs.


Project: Research and prototyping of a voice/video softphone for Windows Mobile.
Customer: Vonair, USA
Platform: Java on Windows Mobile
Technologies: Visual C++, Sun Java (J2ME), IBM J9 Java Runtime Environment, C, SWT, JNI, SIP, RTP, STUN, ICE, G.711, G.726, G.729a, H.263, H.264
Tools: Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM WebSphere Device Developer IDE, Subversion, Subclipse, Ant