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Customer Overview
Name: Netria Systems
Country: USA
Netria develops client management solutions for service providers of network-based IP services. As carriers roll out converged service solutions that incorporate rich voice, video and data features built into the end-user clients, a need to simplify the complexity of managing these clients has emerged.

The Netria Client Management System (CMS) is designed to enable quick time to market, while reducing the cost of activating, deploying and maintaining a network of diverse end-user clients. The Netria CMS enables carriers to centrally manage and control services on the end user terminal. Network-based service providers can finally leverage the full capabilities of the client and tightly integrate them into their complete service offering.

Project: Research and Development of Netria Client Management System


The Netria Client Management System (CMS) simplifies the management of end-user terminals, such as IP phones, PDAs, mobile clients, gateways and softphones. The Netria CMS provides:

  • Automated Provisioning and Activation: reducing the cost of both acquisition of the customer and initial deployment of the client

  • Integrated Service Configuration: reducing the maintenance cost of moves, adds and changes

  • Software Management: reducing the cost of maintaining and supporting client upgrades and fixes

  • Monitoring and Reporting: reducing the cost of troubleshooting customer calls, while at the same time simplifying the tracking of service level agreements

In an IP Multimedia Services (IMS) network, end-user services may be hosted on one or more application servers in the IMS core. This hosting is transparent to the user, however. To the user, the client is the service. The Netria CMS is designed to provide seamless delivery of multiple services from different network-based application platforms through a single end-user client.

The Netria CMS works with leading service delivery platforms in the industry such as BroadSoft's BroadWorks VoIP application platform. With a rich set of APIs, the CMS can be easily integrated with other application platforms. With the Netria CMS, the service provider can completely control the clients deployed in the network. .


Project: Research and Development of Netria Client Management System
Customer: Netria, USA
Platform: J2EE
Technologies: J2EE, Tomcat, XML, MySQL
Tools: Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Subclipse