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Customer Overview
Name: Vonair, Inc.
Country: USA
Industry: Telecom, VOIP

Project: Research and prototyping of a voice/video softphone for browsers .


This is a web-based edition of Vonair Communicator complete with an end-user provisioning portal.

Users can just go to the carrier-designated web page to configure and launch the phone. The phone would use local computing devices to interact. Users can also use the accompanying provisioning portal to configure various aspects of the phone or their service preferences.

The challenge was to use limited technology options within a browser environment and optimize load times.

The prototype was developed for Internet Explorer. The phone was implemented using Java Applet technology. The ultimate goal was a browser-based phone that can be used even from mobile devices.


Project: Research and prototyping of a voice softphone for browsers.
Customer: Vonair, USA
Platform: Java Applet in Microsoft Internet Explorer
Technologies: Sun Java, Swing, SIP, RTP, STUN, ICE, G.711, G.726, G.729a, H.263, H.264
Tools: Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion, Subclipse