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Customer Overview
Name: Vonair, Inc.
Country: USA
Industry: Telecom, VOIP

Project: Development of JCA-compliant Resource Adapters


BroadWorks platform had four different mechanisms for third-party application developers to interact with it. These ranged from CORBA over HTTP to XML over TCP. There was no native interface for J2EE server-side applications.

Grameen developed JCA (J2EE Connection Architecture)-compliant resource adapters for those heterogeneous interfaces. The resource adapters provided the following benefits to application developers over original mechanisms:

  • Native object method calls can be made from any J2EE application
  • Original XML APIs can be used together with new XML-based calls
  • Transactional calls
  • Call-backs by resource adapters without engaging any resource
  • Secure messaging
  • Elimination of 90% effort in setting up connections with BroadWorks back-end
  • Pooling of connections that minimizes resource use


Project: Development of JCA-compliant Resource Adaptersy
Customer: Vonair, USA
Platform: J2EE
Technologies: Sun Java, JCA
Tools: Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Subclipse