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Non Resident Money Transfer System
Non Resident Money Transfer System is software to deal with the international financial transaction from exchange house to Bank or Financial Institute – from one country to another in the whole world. The non-resident citizens (remitter) will send their money to native Bank or Financial Institute to deliver to objected beneficiary.
Now a day, millions of remitter send and receive money through electronically every day and this industry is growing at a sound rate. Among all other types of online payments, online money remittance plays a special role, as such services allow senders to wire money to their family and friends quickly and securely from the comfort of their home or workplace and enable receivers to get their money within the shortest time possible.

Features of the product

  • Exchange Company Module
  • Commercial/Correspondent Bank Module
  • TT/DD/MT/Money Gram/Western union Module
  • Access Control module for User Privilege
  • Integration with Core Banking
  • Interactive and Dynamic File Setup
  • Upload Facility with Drag-Drop Facility
  • Different Mode of Payment
  • Unlimited Amendment
  • Cancelation before Unpaid
  • Restore facility for Canceled Transactions
  • Payment from Any Branch
  • Vast Search Engine module
  • Site wide Search
  • Reports Module
  • Transaction Tracking for Latest Status
  • Transaction History

Benefits of the product

  • Affordable and Easy to Implement
  • Open Source Platform (LAMP)
  • Web based solution
  • Highly Secured and Robust System
  • Integration with Core Banking Software
  • Web Service Enabled
  • Save Time and Money
  • Beneficiary is able to make transaction through ATM
  • Transaction Tracking from Any Branch
  • Delivery from Any Branch

Development Tools

  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database: MySql-5
  • Web Scripting language: PHP-5, AJAX and Java Script frameworks (JQuery)
  • Implementation Area: Standalone Machine/LAN/WAN/Internet
  • Environment/OS: Linux