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CMHMS (Combined Military Hospital Management System)
CMHMS is a full automated system of Combined Military Hospital Management System. This automated software has several distinguished module like which we have mention in bellow as feature list. In this software manages each and every internal functionality of a hospital - besides these, also manages accounts part in distinguish section, medicine store control and an external pathology center activities. Here should mention that for security purpose we have used security layer 2. In a nutshell this is complete automated hospital management software.

Features of this Product

  • IPD (Inpatient Department)
  • OPD (Outpatient Department)
  • OT(Operation Theater) Management
  • Blood Bank
  • Radiology & Imaging
  • Diet And Kitchen(Nutrition)
  • Pharmacy control
  • Billing
  • User control, Security & Administration
  • Interfacings
  • CMH Pathology
  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • USGp
  • Gastro Logy
  • X-Ray
  • NIC Lab
  • Cath Lab

Benefits of this product

  • Paper less hospital
  • Online automation system
  • Easy to get report
  • Patient medical history
  • Store management
  • Time savings
  • Flexibility
  • Web based
  • Reporting

Development Tools

  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database: MySql-5
  • Web Scripting language: CakePhp, AJAX and Java Script frameworks (JQuery)
  • Implementation Area: Standalone Machine/LAN/WAN/Internet
  • Environment/OS: Linux