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IT integrating Services to manage an entire systems and can provide significant advantages to an authentic organization within a very short time. Your business needs power. GSL could give that power by setting up integrated IT environment. From the technological aspect, there is a need to bridge the various technologies and efficiently incorporate new emerging technologies as a unique solution. Multiple systems lead to the creation of a heterogeneous environment. When there is more than one user the situation will require Customization of an application to the users’ environments. A long system life cycle will necessitate the incorporation of new technologies.

Features of the Services

  • Neither complete nor all-inclusive
  • IConfiguration of domain controller
  • IEmail
  • ISecurity
  • IStorage
  • ICertificate service
  • IClustering,
  • IVirtualization & Web

Benefits of the product

  • Reduces steps in business processes
  • Less complaints from members of the public
  • Number of applications/records processed over a period
  • Less complaints from end-users
  • Reduces number of errors
  • Reduces software development time/effort
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Reduces number of IT personnel
  • Improves working procedures
  • Better communication with other related organizations
  • Bring job satisfaction
  • Redefine job specification
  • Improve data accessibility
  • One-stop service
  • More friendly public service