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Budget Management Software

BudgetView is a financial solution developed by GSL’s expert team for a Netherland based company goes with the same name. The solution incorporates budgeting and reporting with individual grade factors and complete overview. The Budget view System will greatly reduce the work of a responsible person of company or individual in the budgeting and accounting aspect. This system makes faster the processing of their work in compare to any manual system. Another thing is that, in the manual system there is a possibility to lost documents but in our proposed system there is no risk to lost any documents or data. This system mainly focuses on budget forecasting and accounting. It should mention here, this application will be developed in two different languages – English and Dutch. The Budget View system will gradually develop to meet all the features in the roadmap. So, in the development phase developers should keep in mind all the future functionality that impact on the infrastructure choices made for the first version.


Features of the product

  • Global
  • Access Control Layer (ACL)
  • Company Setup
  • Necessary Modules-
    • Accounts
    • Budget
    • Report
  • Implementaion Area: Standalone Machine/LAN/WAN/Internet
  • Environment/OS: Linux


Benefits of Products

  • Flexible
  • Efficient and time saving
  • Easier to organize and maintain
  • Does not require accounting expertise
  • Inexpensive(In the long run)
  • Built-in audit trail
  • Secure as it has authentication or authorization check
  • No risk of data loss


Development Tools:

  • Database: MySql
  • Language: Groovy and Grails