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Name: BroadSoft Inc.
Country: USA
Industry: Telecom, VOIP

BroadSoft creates VoIP application software that lets fixed and mobile service providers offer the most advanced calling features to their enterprise and residential customers. BroadSoft’s customer list reads like a Who’s Who of the major telecommunications players worldwide, including BellSouth, Korea Telecom, Singtel, Telefonica, Telstra, T-Systems, and Verizon.
BroadSoft ranked in the Top 100 of Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America on Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500.


BroadSoft’s strong carrier-class VOIP offering lacked an integral softphone. Vonair, a New York-based startup needed a cost-effective offshore partner to develop the product. They were looking for companies who can provide a world-class team for research and development.


Grameen was chosen because it offered cutting-edge skills and advanced software development experience at a better cost-benefit point. Partner interviewed the Grameen technical leads and found them competent to lead world-class product engineering work.


  • Developing a next-generation softphone in just one year time-frame that would compete with offerings from well-established players in the space was a great challenge.
  • Only way to reduce time to market was to integrate as many commercial and open source components possible, creating a big architectural challenge.


Leveraging deep experience of integrating existing open-source technologies, Grameen developed the prototype in just 6 months and took the concept to commercial release in just 1 year, providing full lifecycle solution including initial R&D to QA to deployment.


  • With core contribution from Grameen’s dedicated cost-effective offshore team, Vonair licensed the next-generation software to industry leader BroadSoft.
  • With the softphone in their offering, BroadSoft ensured stronger presence in the market and even received an important industry award for the innovativeness of the product.


BroadWorks Communicator is an audio and video SIP softphone for Windows 2000 and XP that is tightly integrated with the BroadWorks platform. The Communicator has access to BroadWorks' many advanced VoIP features such as video services, complete call control, and messaging/voicemail integration.
BroadWorks Communicator is a feature-rich desktop application that allows residential users and businesses to utilize the client as a primary or secondary phone device for their IP communications services. As an integrated device with the BroadWorks platform, service providers are able to auto provision the client, provide automatic updates, and version management seamlessly through the BroadWorks application server. A key benefit of integration for users is the central storage of contacts, eliminating the need to duplicate contact lists.
BroadWorks Communicator allows for the separation of the audio and video stream for redirection of audio to a headset and video to the desktop. This separation provides maximum flexibility and options for end-users.


Project: Research, prototyping and ongoing development of a voice/video softphone.
Customer: BoardSoft, USA
Partner: Vonair, USA
Platform: Java on Windows
Technologies: Microsoft Visual C++, Sun Java (J2SE), C, SWT, Swing, JNI, SIP, RTP, STUN, ICE, G.711, G.726, G.729a, H.263, H.264
Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Subclipse, Ant, NSIS Installer