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Name: Polycom
Country: USA
Industry: Telecom
Polycom, delivers end-to-end, rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the Web from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems to the network core. Polycom’s vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a virtual experience as natural as being there.
Polycom's unified collaboration solutions and products consistently earn recognition for their quality and ease of use.


Polycom had just started to market the SoundStation IP 400 and 600 phones, which had a built-in micro-browser capable of rendering CHTML pages. Users could go from link to link and activate hyperlinks by using hardware buttons around the small screen.
Polycom wanted to develop a showcase application to be demonstrated to prospective customers in a conference. They had developed simple applications like stock-ticker and quote-of-the-day in-house. But this time, they wanted to show a capable application with real-life value for enterprise use.


Vonair, Grameen’s partner, was impressed with a contacts information management technology developed by Grameen for another Vonair project that integrates well with BroadSoft’s BroadWorks platform. Though in time pressure in the original project, Grameen had developed a reusable set of connectors, a generic contacts information management framework, and a provisioning solution.
Grameen, Vonair and Polycom worked out a spec to develop a “phonetop” application that would run in the micro-browser and take advantage of Grameen’s pre-existing components and features of BroadWorks platform.


Project: Design and Development of a Phone Personalization Application for Polycom Screenphone Micro-Browser.
Customer: Polycom, USA
Partner: Vonair, USA
Platform: CHTML in client-side and J2EE in server-side
Technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Subclipse, Ant, NSIS Installer
Tools: Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Subclipse


The application is targeted to users who use Polycom phone in a BroadWorks IP PBX environment. Using the application running on the phone’s micro-browser, one can log-in to a micro-portal which gives access to the following items:

  • User’s Call History (including calls made by the user from other phones or softphones)
  • User’s Phone Book (including contacts information from Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, LDAP and BroadWorks Contacts Lists)
  • User’s Personalized Phone Preferences (like ringing preference, find-me/follow-me preference, etc.)

As the user logs in to the application using the phone’s keypad, the phone instantly gets personalized for her giving her access to all the frequently needed useful information and settings. From both the call history and phone book, numbers can be dialed by just pressing the dial hard-key in the phone.
The server-side application was built so that it can run on the same server as BroadWorks as an add-on app without requiring any additional server resource.