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Certain features of government are now available on the internet for increased efficiency, convenience and accessibility. Government websites serve as a platform for information exchange and provision of services. Grameen Solutions has experience in this field and has created websites for the Chief Advisors Office, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and ICT. Also, with financial support from the UNDP, GSL developed a common website framework for all ministries and divisions of the Government of Bangladesh.

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education is the policy making institution of the Government with regards to administration and development of the post-primary education sector. The Ministry of Education formulates policies and programs for the development of post-primary to higher education including Madrasah, Technical and Vocational education. It also formulates rules and regulations for the management and administration of the post-primary education sector and its institutions.
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Chief Advisors' Office

The Official website of the Chief Advisor’s Office was developed by GSL to meet the informational needs of the people of Bangladesh. The website provides information including the structure and activities of the office and also provides links to the various ministries of the Government.

Ministry of Science & ICT

The Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology of Bangladesh promotes science and technology in order to promote positive changes in society. It also strives to balance socio-economic development and national well-being and to make science and technology a part of national culture.

Economic Relations Devision

The Economic Relations Division (ERD) is one of the three divisions of the Ministry of Finance of Bangladesh. ERD is one of the important divisions of the Government of Bangladesh and it mobilizes external resources for socio-economic development of the country. It leads as the focal point of the Government for interfacing with development.

Bangladesh Government Press

Bangladesh Government Press widely known as BG Press is the lying-in house of Government Publications, Forms, classified materials, Reports Budget, Bills, Acts, Ordinances, Resolutions leaflets and Posters. BG Press has its present infrastructure, manpower, technology back-up and product range to synchronize with the geopolitical change and rearrangements in recent years.


Through the financing of the UNDP, GSL developed various websites for the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. These websites help people be informed about their Government and its branches.