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Modern Healthcare entities require a high level of specialization for design and implementation. In order for the Healthcare industry to stay up-to-date with all the global changes, we have developed various medical research based web development softwares. With the help of these tools, physicians, scientists and other medical professionals can stay in constant touch with each other.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness. The Mayo Clinic logo represents the three underpinnings that continue its reputation as a pioneer and innovator in medicine - patient care, medical research and academic education.

Grameen Health Care

The aim of Grameen Health care (GH) is to establish sustainable best practices in a broad range of Health care services for a broad market including the poor. GH will enable the poor to be self sufficient in addressing their Healthcare needs such that they can accept but not require outside assistance. It’s a kind of health delivery network.

Physicians Academy

In 2005 The Physicians Academy for Clinical and Management Excellence was created to answer the call for more high quality medical education and communications companies. Within the first year, a series of Continuing Medical Education (CME) meetings, covering a broad range of specialized topics were scheduled in several cities across the United States.

Health Ways

Healthways, Inc. provides specialized, Healthcare Support solutions to help people maintain or improve their health, and reduce overall healthcare costs. To expand its Health Support offerings, on December 1 2006, the Company acquired Axia Health Management, Inc. (Axia), a national provider of preventive health and wellness programs.

World Health Care Congress

World Congress, the leading global provider of healthcare conferences, forges healthcare communities by convening senior executives from all segments of the industry with government policymakers.

Grameen Kalyan

Grameen Kalyan provides affordable healthcare services to the rural poor in Bangladesh. Officially launched in 1997, Grameen Kalyan currently operates 30 health clinics in different parts of rural Bangladesh.


The doctors who started docvia.com are practicing physicians who love what they do. They created a solution that saves patients time and money while allowing physicians to offer better face-to-face care for new and existing patients. Services provided include: refilling or renewing a prescription, scheduling and confirming office visits and directing questions to medical professionals.