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Our dedicated teams of professionals have performed research, made prototypes and have continued development of a voice/video soft phone. We have developed VOIP enabled and SIP-based applications, as well as applications customized for call centers.

Sun Microsystems, USA

Since 1982, Sun Microsystems has grown exponentially and now has operations in over 100 countries. The company invests in research and development to create products and services that provide competitive differentiation for customers and for developers adopting its technology. The company integrates software, storage, services and systems.
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Vonair Inc. USA

Vonair, Inc. is a leading software provider of VoIP Client Applications. Their products include Communicator (a multimedia voice and video SIP-based Soft client), IP phone-based applications, location-based applications, presence, instant messaging and mobile client applications.
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Polycom, USA

Polycom delivers end-to-end, rich media collaborative applications for voice, video, data and the Web from desktop and mobile personal systems to room systems and to the network core. Polycom’s vision is to enable people to connect anytime, anyplace and with any device in a realistic virtual experience.
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Netria Systems, USA

Netria develops client management solutions for service providers of network-based IP services. As carriers roll out converged service solutions that incorporate rich voice, video and data features built into the end-user clients, a need to simplify the complexity of client management has emerged.
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Eyeball Networks, Canada

Eyeball Networks Inc. is a world leader in Call Completion technology and VoIP software. The company is privately held and has been in business since 2000. The company has been profitable since 2003. Eyeball has technology, co-marketing and interop relationships with a number of key industry partners, including Nortel, Nokia, Cisco, Huawei and Jabber, Inc.

BroadSoft Inc. USA

BroadSoft creates VOIP application software that lets fixed and mobile service providers offer the most advanced calling features to their enterprise and residential customers.
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