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The complex nature of the marketplace requires the best utilization of limited resources to yield positive outcomes in the shortest period of time. Using technological solutions to ensure your business processes are the most efficient and cost-effective is our key priority. Rapid changes in technology demands smart solutions in order for businesses to remain competitive.

GSL’s business partners offer unique expertise in the field of software development, business process engineering and integrated solutions to simplify processes. Smart solutions also help your business reduce costs, thus increasing profitability and raising funds for further business expansion. GSL’s strong collaboration with international business partners makes us unique and will make your company unique in the marketplace through the benefit of our services.


Roamware Inc. is the global leader in voice and data roaming solutions, enhancing the roaming experience in over 375 mobile networks across 138 countries. Roamware is working towards innovative solutions at the confluence of finance and mobility, with a focus on the underbanked and unbanked segments of the global population.


Smart Communications, Inc

Smart Communications, an innovative solutions company in Japan, will focus on expanding the range of hi-tech services, with a specific focus on the Japanese market.

UTC Associates

UTC Associates, Inc. (UTC) is a leading systems and network integration company focusing on all key aspects of complex network planning, designing, testing and implementation. In addition, we develop software for information technology and telecommunications applications.