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Co-existence with Proprietary Messaging
We understand that sometimes simply migrating your existing messaging solution to a cost-effective and reliable Linux-based alternative stack is not something you’re looking for. Perhaps, your organization is used to a messaging environment like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino and is not ready to abandon the entire setup for completely new alternative.

However, a typical Exchange or Lotus setup means you’re paying per mail box. So, more the number of users, more you shell out to buy additional licenses. What if we tell you that our messaging stack can co-exist with your current setup? In fact, additional mail users will use the same domain (viz., @example.com) that your present Exchange or Lotus users are using? Sounds tempting right, when your organization is on an expansion spree and one of the obstacles that’s stopping it is the per-user licensing fee on something as basic as mailboxes?

Well, have the experience in deploying Linux-based, feature-rich messaging solutions to co-exist with existing proprietary solutions in order to give you the flexibility, robustness, and performance, while at the same time significantly reducing your costs. In fact, all this while your mission-critical mailing system is still live. What more? Our management interface will be a no-brainier for your IT administrators to get used to.

If you are looking for a way to free yourselves of vendor lock-in and per-user licensing, while being capable of scaling to tens of thousands of mailboxes and users, please contact us.