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Reduce TCO by Migrating from Unix (or Windows) to Linux

Of all the leading enterprise-grade operating systems, Linux, perhaps is the newest entrant. However, it has formed the backbone of millions of organizations around the globe. Because :


  • It reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Being open source, there is no single point of contact that sells Linux and the associated support services. In the market you’ll find many organizations, however large or small and whether for profit or non-profit, offering Linux support services. In a free market economy and in the absence of a monopoly holding the cards, the most competitive vendor wins the race. The consumers like YOU benefit as an outcome.
  • It’s scalable: You can find Linux powering devices from the likes of set-top boxes and mobiles phones to some of the largest super computers in the world. So, whatever is your requirement (and however large or small), Linux has you covered.
  • It’s reliable: Contrary to other popular operating systems, you can leave Linux running for years at a stretch without requiring the hit the reboot button. No wonder you find Linux powering mission-critical operations of some of the largest Internet business, stock exchanges, banks, research organizations etc.
  • It’s secure from ground up: Well you’ve heard it right, things like viruses and other malware is virtually not-existent on Linux. Also, due to its inherent Unix-like system architecture, it’s much harder to crack by unauthorized personal compared to Microsoft Windows.
  • It’s feature rich: A proprietary operating system can have only a limited number of developers working on. On the contrary, Linux has thousands of contributors from diverse geographical locations and employed either by numerous companies (Red Hat, Novell, IBM, Google, Linux Foundation, HP, Intel, Oracle, AMD, Nokia, and many more) or freelance/volunteers contributing to the Linux ecosystem. More brains = more requirements = more ideas = more features + fast-paced development.


So, if you’re looking to reduce your organization's dependence on proprietary operating environments, improve cost-efficiency ratio, simplify systems management, and improve scalability for business growth, we can help you seamlessly migrate to Linux from your existing setup.